Tour De Beauce Roster 2018

 Moins d'une semaine avant la première étape du Tour de Beauce 2018!
Merci à tous nos commanditaires de rendre cela possible.
Less than a week before the first stage of the Tour de Beauce 2018! Thank you to all our sponsors for making this possible. — with Groupe RPL, Thibault GM Montmagny/Lapocatiere, xactnutrition, Mint'n Dry, Naak, Groupe Levasse, Tour de Beauce, Apogee Sports, BiPro Canada, Fernand Dufresne Inc, Thule, CIBC Wood Gundy, RBC and PwC.

VeloSelect-Apogee Rider William GoodFellow 3rd at the Tour du Senegal

Veloselect-Apogee Rider William GoodFellow placed 3rd on stage 6 at teh Tour du senegal on Friday April 27,2018. The winner of the stage was Dan Craven from Nambia former rider of the Isreal Cycling Academy Team.
Thanks et merci Pascal Herve for the awesome picture!

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