VeloSelect Rider Edward Walsh 10th at the Candian Cycling Road Champions on September 11 2021

So on Saturday September 11 in Saint-Georges, Quebec  the VeloSelect-Silber Elite Cycling Team raced the ChampionantCanadiens Cycling Canada championships that were 198.9 km. This was a special year that was after the @toyko2020 Olympics with many in attendance. 2020 Toyko participantsHugo Houle Guillaume Boivin and Derek Gee. 2016 Rio Olympian Antoine Duchesne and 57 year old 2000 Olympian Czeslaw Lukaszewicz. It was the hardest race for the  Nationals in the lat 20 years  as the total amount of climbing was 3,200m and was a very windy day typical for the Beauce region. The race was right from the gun from the 1st km of the race. Czeslaw and Jason finished the race but missed the time cut to be counted in the official results. But VeloSelect-Silber Elite Cycling rider Edward Walsh racing for Bicycle Nova Scotia placed 10th in a strong field of riders!

Thank as always to our sponsors and Miguel Lukaszewicz for all his help during the weekend; Arthur Silber Garneau Schwalbe tires @DAIInc. #followthered #keepfighting #donttextanddrive #pasdetextoenauto #garneau #schwalbenorthamerica #cyclingcanada #TourDeBeauce Thx Canadian Cyclist for the awesome pic of Czeslaw at the start line



The VeloSelect-Silber team is racing The GP Chalevoix from Friday August 6-Sunday August 8 with, a Criterium on Friday night. Saturday morning is a Time Trial and then in the afternoon. a hill climb that will test the riders. Finally, on Sunday morning the pièce de résistance the 126 km RR with 2038 m of climbing that test the rider's stamina and physicality through the day.   

Riders for the Race are:

David Drouin

Robert Gutgesell

Pierre-Antoine Larochelle


Sebastien Parent


Nicholas Stewart 

Jason Vettorel

Thanks to our Sponsors: Arthur Silber Investments, Garneau, DAIInc, Schwalbe Tires North America. #followthered #keepfighting #don'ttextanddrive #pasdetextoenauto #schwalbetires



























Czeslaw Lukaszewicz wins Criterium Bromont!


VeloSelect-Silber Rider Czeslaw Lukaszewicz winning at Criterium Bromont on Sunday August 1, 2021.Thanks et merci to our sponsors:Arthur Silber Investments, Garneau, Schwalbe Tires North America. #FOLLOWTHERED #KEEPFIGHTING #DON'TTEXTANDDRIVE #PASDETEXTOENAUTO #SCHWALBETIRES

1Grand prix des mairies 2021 dimanche, 27 juin 2021 et Sunday June 27 2021



The VeloSelect-Silber Elite Cycling Team is excited to race the Grand Prix Des Mairies on Sunday June 27, 2021. Our roster is as follows:







Thanks et merci to our sponsors et commandiatires; Arthur Silber Investments, DAI Inc, Garneau, Schwalbe North America.