VELOSELECT-APOGEE Team Clothing 2018

The VELOSELECT-APOGEE RACING TEAM unveils its uniform  for 2018 and we are proud to race in APOGEE clothing. For the 2018 season we are racing exclusively in APOGEE Clothing. APOGEE SPORTS for this season will be sharing with VELOSELECT the teams name.
L'équipe VELOSELECT-APOGÉE RACING TEAM dévoile ses nouvelles couleurs pour 2018 et nous sommes fiers de s'associer avec les vêtements APOGÉE SPORTS. Pour la saison 2018, nous compétionnerons exclusivement avec les vêtements APOGÉE. À titre de commanditaire principal dans l'équipe, APOGÉE SPORTS s'associe avec VELOSELECT pour former VELOSELECT-APOGEE RACING TEAM.

Team Car buried in Snow

Team Car buried in the Snow and Czeslaw had to dig this out instead of digging his toes into the sand. lol

biPro Protein for VeloSelect Racing Team

The VeloSelect Racing Team is happy to receive the biPro protein  to help our riders recover  after their the gym and spinning sessions.Also, speed up recovery of their muscles during these grueling training sessions. biPro will  help them prepare for the upcoming 2018 season including the Recently announced invitation to the Tour de Senegal. Thanks to the awesome marketing team from biPro.

Tour De Senegal 2018 Invitation!

The Velo Select Racing Team is excited to announce that we have been invited to participate in the UCI Africa Tour race one of the biggest UCI races on the African Tour which is the Tour De Senegal. This race starts in the Capital City of Dakar from (April 22-29), which also hosts the famous rally car race Paris-Dakar. The riders are very ecstatic and will prepare specifically for this event to be engaged and looking for podiums in the stages of this event.