Laurent Levasseur and Micheal Dalterio GP Matepedia 2017

Thx et Merci a tous a to Marcel Levesque for the great action shots!!!!!!! Laurent ended up in fourth place for a hotly contested sprint and Micheal in fifth place!!!!

Picture of William Goodfellow at Canadian Road Champs 2017

This awesome pic of William Goodfellow Derek gee and a H&R Block  Pro cycling rider at the Global Relay Canadian Cycling Championships presented by Lexus in Ottawa Ontario Canada on Sunday June 25 2017. On a day that was horrendous conditions at a national championships in quite a while. Big thanks et Grazie mille et merci to Pasquale Stalteri for this amazing action shot during the race.!! @corsinosport @maxxistires @diadoracanada @groupelevasse @cibcwoodgundymicheldufour @honeystinger #FOLLOWTHERED #KEEPFIGHTING

Velo Select Riders 5&6 Overall at the GP Charlevoix

Velo Select Racing Team members placing 5&6 overall with Professional Cycling Team members  Jean Francois of Soucy Garneau-Quebecor finshed in 1st place overall. Pierick Naud Rally Cycling 2nd overall Olivier Brisbois of Garneau-Quebecor  followed on the podium for 3rd place. Marc Antoine Soucy also of Garneau-Quebecor finished just off the podium in fourth place. Our riders Ryan Primeau and William Goodfellow were fifth and sixth as previously mentioned. It shows the team is gaining strength with a lot more racing this season.