Trevor O'Donnell gets VeloSelect-silbers 2nd podium of 2022 on Zwift

VeloSelctt-Silber Rider Trevor O'donnell gets second in the Toronto Hustle Breakfast of Champions race on Sunday January 15,2022 on Zwift. #followthered #keepfighting #rouleabloc #schwalbenorthamerica #veloselectstrong #zwiftracing #wintertraining  #preparingforthe2022season  #15years 







Jason Vettorel gives Veloseelct-Silber its first 2022 podium!!!



 MWCC Midweek Crit on Tuesday January 11 2022 is where VeloSelect-Silber Rider Jason Vettorel got the teams first podium 3rd place on Zwift. #zwiftpower #followthered  #Keepfighting #15years #wintertraining #preparingforthe2022season

VeloSelect Turns 15!!!!!

We are celebrating 15 years this Season as a organization that VeloSelect has been in existence!!! We want to thank all of the Companies, Riders Sponsors who have us grow through this time frame!! There have been highs and lows throughout our 15 Years, but we persevere!!!  #Followthered #Keepfighting #Veloselectstrong  

International Don't Text and Drive Day 2021

  May be an image of 2 people, car and text that says 'LOUIS GIRNEAU Sombrio. GARNEAU SUGOi. Message fromthe MessagerothePresiet President On December 22nd 2017, our friend and fellow cycling racer Jason Lowndesw killed by distracted driver. He was 23 years old. Join us December for the International Don't Text and Day to make everyone on the planet aware the danger of texting and driving. Don't text and drive. Pas de texto en auto.'

   It is International Don't Text and Drive day today. Here is a message shared by President of Garneau Louis Garneau. People leave the phone down when your driving and if you have to, Stop where its safe to do and take the call. #donttextanddrive #pasdetextoenauto #putthephonedownwhenyoudrive #drivesafe