2 wins for Greg Boileau on Zwift this week!!

VeloSelect-rider Greg Boileau won the 3R La Guardia loop Flat race on Zwift with competitors from all over the participating  on Wednesday October 14, 2020. This makes 2 wins this week!!  Thanks to our sponsors: Silber, POCSports, CorsinoSport, SchwalbeNorthAmerica. #FOLLOWTHERED #KEEPFIGHTING

VeloSelect-Silber Rider Greg Boileu wins on Zwift once again!!!


Veloselect-Silber Rider won once again on Zwift !!!! The WorldTour League Race #1 It was televised on 


Thanks to our sponsors: Silber, POCSports, Corsinosport, SchwalbeNorthAmerica. #FOLLOWTHERED #KEEPFIGHTING


Grand Prix des Mairies RR Contrecoeur Quebec Sunday September 20, 2020


Our Boys rocking POC Helmets and Glasses before the GrandPrixdesMairiesContrecoeurRR. Thanks et Merci to the organizers ccdynamiks and the FQSC- Cyclisme pour tous for putting on a great race and keeping everybody safe!! Our team did well Greg Boileau placing 6th in Pro1-2. Also Pierre Antoine Larochelle finishing and Sebastien Parent finishing the race Czeslaw Lukaszewicz placing 3rd!! Thanks to POC Schwalbe tires Corsino Sport with you guys behind the team we didn't need to worry and concentrate on the race with such great products to race with.

Czeslaw Lukaszewicz to ride the Tour De Silence on September 16, 2020

Czeslaw Lukaszewicz getting ready to ride the  Tour de Silence on Wednesday September 16, 2020 in honor of fallen cyclists all over Quebec.