Czeslaw Lukaszewicz first outside ride of 2021

VeloSelect-Silber Rider and Co-Team Owner Czeslaw Lukaszewicz out for a ride on a day with no snow in the forecast  on Monday January 11 2021. Thanks to our sponsors: Corsino Sport, POC, Scwhalbe North America. #FOLLOWTHERED #KEEPFIGHTING


VeloSelect-Silber's First Win of 2021!!!!


VeloSelect-Silber rider Jason Vettorel wins the Crit City Race on Saturday January 9, 2021 on Zwift. Thanks to our sponsors:  Silber, DAIinc, CorsinoSport, POC, Schwalbe North America. #FOLLOWTHE RED #KEEPFIGHTING

2nd Podium for Greg Boileau

VeloSelect-Silber Rider Greg Boileau gets our second podium for 2nd place at the zwift race Team CLS Racing-Hills 'n' Thrills S5. Thanks to our sponsors: Silber, DAIInc, CorsinoSport, POC, Schwalbe North America. #FOLLOWTHERED #KEEPFIGHTING 


Greg Boileau starts 2021 off right with our first podium!

 VeloSelect-Silber rider Greg Boileau got our first podium  3rd place at the 3R Greater London Flat Race on Sunday January 03 2020. Thanks to our  sponsors: Silber, DAIInc, Corsino Sport, POC, Schwalbe North America. #FOLLOWTHERED #KEEPFIGHTING