Veloselect-Silber Rider Greg Boileau 3rd Place


  VeloSelect-Silber Rider  Greg Boileau got third place in the Cycling Canada Wednesday Night Race Series. Guest Rider Edward Walsh placed ninth. Way to go Greg and Ed!!! Thanks to our sponsors, Silber, DAIInc, Schwalbe North America.#FOLLOWTHERED #KEEPFIGHTING #C'estLaVie  




































Czeslaw Lukaszewicz first outside ride of 2021

VeloSelect-Silber Rider and Co-Team Owner Czeslaw Lukaszewicz out for a ride on a day with no snow in the forecast  on Monday January 11 2021. Thanks to our sponsors: Corsino Sport, POC, Scwhalbe North America. #FOLLOWTHERED #KEEPFIGHTING


VeloSelect-Silber's First Win of 2021!!!!


VeloSelect-Silber rider Jason Vettorel wins the Crit City Race on Saturday January 9, 2021 on Zwift. Thanks to our sponsors:  Silber, DAIinc, CorsinoSport, POC, Schwalbe North America. #FOLLOWTHE RED #KEEPFIGHTING

2nd Podium for Greg Boileau

VeloSelect-Silber Rider Greg Boileau gets our second podium for 2nd place at the zwift race Team CLS Racing-Hills 'n' Thrills S5. Thanks to our sponsors: Silber, DAIInc, CorsinoSport, POC, Schwalbe North America. #FOLLOWTHERED #KEEPFIGHTING 


Greg Boileau starts 2021 off right with our first podium!

 VeloSelect-Silber rider Greg Boileau got our first podium  3rd place at the 3R Greater London Flat Race on Sunday January 03 2020. Thanks to our  sponsors: Silber, DAIInc, Corsino Sport, POC, Schwalbe North America. #FOLLOWTHERED #KEEPFIGHTING