Alexandre Latil 3rd place with the Pros at Classiques des Applaches

3ième place pour notre coureur Alexandre Latil aujourd'hui à la Classique des Appalaches. Appalachian Classic.​ 👌💪 Bravo! Il termine derrière Nickolas Zukowsky de Silber Pro Cycling et Bruno Langlois de Vélo Cartel. Julien Gagné et Émile Jean complète le top 5.
3rd place for our rider Alexzandre Latil on Saturday August 25 2018 at the Appalachian Classic. It was won by Nickolas Zukowsky of Silber Pro Cycling and Bruno Langois of Velo Cartel. Julien Gagne and Emile Jean rounded out the top 5.


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Czeslaw Lukaszewicz wins Quebec Championship

Czeslaw Lukaszewicz and Sylvain Adams won their categories and thought it would be a great idea to take a picture together as champions should to show off their hard work!
Photo credit Lyall Beattie
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