Velo Select Racing Team Cyclo Cross Summary for 2019 Serie de Cyclocross Maglia Rosa

 The Velo Select Racing Team had quite the impressive CycloCross series at the Serie de CycloCross Maglia Rosa. Steve Bouvette won 2 times. Czelsaw Lukaszewicz won 2 times and the overall Serie de Cyclocross Maglia Rosa. Patrick Reglain won two times had the overall race series Lead and ended the season with a podium for a strong 3rd place!!
Thanks to all of the awesome Photographers who took time to take the pictures and Olivier Lorquet for the Boucherville pictures of Czeslaw and Patrick!
Thanks to our sponsors Spiegel Bikes , SS Lacasse, Schwalbe North America.

Velo Select Rider Patrick Reglain Podium at the Final Race in Boucherville Quebec

Velo Select Rider Patrick Reglain placing 3rd on the podium at the final Race in Boucherville Quebec on Saturday November 9,2019 in the Serie de Cyclo Cross Maglia Rosa.
Photo is credited to Olivier Lorquet for the Awesome podium Picture!!
Thanks to our sponsors: spiegel Bikes SSLacasee, Schwalbe Tires North America.

Czeslaw Lukaszewicz wins the Overall at the Series de CycloCross Maglia Rosa on Saturday November 9 2019

Czeslaw Lukaszewicz wins the overall at the Serie de CycloCross Maglia Roas on Saturday November 9 2019. He also place 1st in the  Boucherville Race.
Thanks to or Sponsors Spiegel Bikes, SS Lacasse, Schwalbe North America . Thanks to Olivier Lonquet for the awesome pictures!!

Czeslaw Lukaszewicz wins at the FQSC Maglia Rosa Series Race in Chelsea Quebec Sunday October 27 2019

Czeslaw Lukaszewicz winning the FQSC  Maglia Rosa Cyclocross  Series Race held on Sunday October 27 2019 in Chelsea Quebec. Thanks to or sponsors Spiegel Bikes, SS Lacasse,  SchwalbeTires