Our Rider Maxime St Jules on the Podium at the Cyclistes Mardis Lachine Tuesday June 18/2013

Current EKOI Devinci and EX VELOSELECT rider And Current VELOSELECT Riders at Cyclistes Mardis Lachine on Tuesday June 18/2013

Our Ex Rider Felix Cote Bouvette and current rider of the EKOI-DEVINCI  UCI Professional  Cycling Team in the Leaders Jersey at The Cyclistes Mardis Lachine on
Tuesday June 18/2013. Our riders riding at the front of the 108 rider peleton  Shawn Turcotte and Miguel Lukaszewicz in action.   


 Here is a updated race report for the VELOSELECT CYCLING Team for the week ending June 8 2013.  Our team went to the GP ST Raymond Race last Saturday and Sunday   
 May 25 26 which was the the selection race for the Quebec Team for the Canada Games for the U23 category or known as the Espoirs category. Our riders faced horrendous conditions and finished and gained invaluable experience riding with a fast senior peleton. It was good preparation for the GP Charlevoix which is a huge race on our calendar.  So our game plan was to have guys go in the breaks and see where this would lead to.  The 1st stage was a criterium on Friday night and it so fast paced that the race was selected in the first five laps and our riders Shawn Turcotte and Rafeal Gagon made the selection. Shawn ended up in 10th and Rafeal tried to help him move up but to no success he finished 29th. So the time trial was ok so we wanted success to have a podium or top 5.  The 3rd stage following the time trial was a hill climb that was quite the event as well. We gave it our all but the boys came close but the fog was was as thick as pea soup and you couldn't see in front of you. 
So for us going to the top we had quite the task of driving to the finish line. 
So our day we said to our boys was the road race and all the riders wanted a W bad.  That Sunday I could feel a buzz in the air. Our team was fighting through out the weekend and this what Czeslaw and i wanted.
 We had a quick meeting before the road stage and told the boys that this was our day. The stage was epic. We had a storm blow through on Saturday night that affected peoples power blew trees down and it was cold raining and 6 degrees this is only  that you  would only see on tv in the Giro d'Italia or the Tour de France with fog going down hills and you couldn't see two feet in front of you. We told our boys that if you kept getting through this day good things would come.  So we had 3 in the final selection when all was said and done in the final 35 km. A break of five riders rolled off the the front of the peleton at 25 km and we knew because of the nasty weather conditions it would be caught cause a break can't be sustained for the whole 120 km. So after the final selection Miguel Lukaszewicz Shawn Turcotte and Francis Bertrand made it to the dwindling peleton. so when it was Shawn Turcotte who made the final for the peleton of 5 riders scattered and the break of five gap was dropping very rapidly. Shawn Turcotte and David Drouin of the Apogee team dropped their other three riders who weren't as motivated as these two to catch the break.  So with 6 km to go they saw them for a minute. Then they knew that they were going to catch it and fight for the podium or a W.  With 5km's to descending at 70 km per hour Shawn and Dave were going through a ninety degree turn and a motorcycle that is part of the security detail was in the wrong place at the wrong time and cut off Shawn's line he had to go straight and hit a dirt road and he didn't crash but stayed upright he got got back up and raced as hard as he could to try and catch them. But that oopsie cost him 45 seconds. It was a valiant effort  though and chapeau to Shawn for putting up such a fight to reel in the break!! He finished 7th and the boys weren't far behind. We also have to mention that other teams were having mechanicals and flat tires. Our MAXXIS tires were bulletproof and our K-EDGE Catchers were also keeping our guys from getting dropped in the selection process by keeping our chains intact! Our SHIMANO Ultegra gruppos were awesome and no mechanicals.

So all in all our guys are getting better and we can for see good results in the races to come a Few pics form the various stages of the GP de Charlevoix
So until next time,

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Press Release For the EQUIPE VELOSELECT CYCLING TEAM For the GP Brossard and GP Gatineau

 Ste Martine Quebec( May 20 2013)

The EQUIPE VELOSELECT CYCLING TEAM team has been busy racing in the GP BROSSARD and The GATINEAU GP in the past three weeks of the month of May. Our team attended the GP Brossard on Sunday May 5th  and we wanted to race 100% and  leave nothing behind. While spraying the boys legs with KOOLN'FIT and fueling them up with CYTOMAX Pommegrante Berry and using Tangerine Energy drops our boys were ready for battle. The goal was to getting the break and get away so we could be in a better position and sprint from a small group of riders as we didn't have the full team in attendance due to injuries sustained at the IGA DESJARDINS GP STE Martine Race. So our plan was executed and Shawn Turcotte and Rafeal Gagnon went in to the break and eventually caught the peleton and "lapped" the field. The Sprint Finale was within our grasp but it wasn't meant to be a lapped rider wasn't pulled  and caused chaos in his sprint to the line. Luckily Shawn Turcotte stayed upright and had to brake fiercely and start to sprint again on his RHUS Wheels equipped with MAXXIS COMET Tires with our first W of the season within grasp.Shawn finished fourth just off of the podium and didn't crash.

So after drinking MUSCLE MILK for Recovery our boys regrouped for the GP GATINEAU in GATINEAU Quebec on Saturday May 18 2013.
 We had 7 riders in attendance and would see if our wounded warriors were healing in this fast paced race. All the teams were represented except for Andre Cycle KAYCAN RDS. So we would see how the race went. It was very hot for a may long weekend and a lot of CYTOMAX was used to help refuel our athletes.   So our team took the bull by the horns and were attacking but nothing would stick until three riders went clear sans our team. So we were the only team to attempting to organize a catch of the break. But there was no cooperation and when the boys got other teams to finally lend a hand it too little to late. So Espoirs Qullicot TRJ telecom and a few others chased the break a few other riders joined it but it was gonna be a sprint from the break of the 7 riders which also included a few senior three's as well. Our rider Miguel Lukaszewicz on his Team  issue PROLOGUE SUBIACO equipped with RHUS Wheels racing on MAXXIS TIRES did a lot of work finished a strong tenth. Along with Francis Bertrand 12th and Wil Etherington 18th after lending a hand in catching the break. We now regroup and look forward to our next events GP ST Raymond and GP Charelvoix.

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Press Release For IGA/DESJARDINS GP Ste Martine

P:ress Release by Veloselect Cycling Team
 May 1 2013-(Ste Martine Quebec)

The EQUIPE VELOSELECT CYCLING TEAM took part in the IGA/DESJARDINS GP Ste Martine on Sunday April 28 2013. Our guys were ready as all of the junior teams were in attendance  Our riders were prepared  for battle as the the combined junior/senior 3 peleton totaled 107. The boys were prepared to chase and get in the breakaways and if it came down to a sprint we also could play that card. The early break with Shawn Turcotte didn't stick but 2 Rocky Mountain Lessard Bicycles riders did. So Miguel Lukaszewicz attacked on his   PROLOGUE SUBIACO equipped with RHUS WHEELS. He was soon joined by a few other riders both Juniors and Senior 3's. The group of seven including the original Rocky Mountain Lessard Bicycles riders now contained Miguel and other teams were represented. So the peleton didn't react and the break was successful going up the road  Unfortunately a big crash occurred on the third lap and took half of our guys down. So nothing was broken but their pride to contribute the teams effort  to gain a  W on the day.  Our team was using the CYTOMAX Pommegrante Berry Electrolyte and CYTOMAX  Berry Drops to fuel their race performance throughout the day.As the temperatures were in the 20's a hot day compared to the 2012 edition and the 2011 edition were it was snowing in the morning then cleared up in the afternoon this was a gorgeous day!! Miguel and the others got caught on the final lap as they couldn't sustain their pace so the peleton captialized on this and reeled them in. In the finale it was bunch sprint won by Simon Ouellet of Rocky Mountain Lessard Bicycles.We had Shawn Turcotte place 7th Rapael Gagnon 8th, and Miguel Lukaszewicz 10th. Laurent Levasseur was thirteenth in the sprint. So three riders in the top ten and one rider in the top 15th. It was a good team effort by our guys and we will continue to build momentum each race.
Our season has started off in a great way and we can't wait till the next race!! We hope to see you out there cheering on our team. Please visit our blog at http://veloselect.blogspot.ca and thanks for reading!

GP Cycling Mairie of Contrecoeur/ GP Cyclisme de la Mairie de Contrecoeur

April 22 2013

The Veloselect Cycling Team attended the GP Cycling Mairie of Contrecoeur race which was the official start of the road season in the province of Quebec. Our team had 9 riders in attendance and we were ready to rock!! The boys were at the front chasing and pulling back breaks during the race. Marc Antoine Sabourin unfortunately had a problem with his tendon on his left leg and had to DNF. But before that he was involved as much as could be with a huge contribution to our team Efforts. So it came down to a sprint and Shawn Turcotte placed 4th  and Miguel Lukaszewicz was 9th followed up by Wil Etherington placing tenth and Francis Bertrand 11th and Laurent Levasseur 14th. So 3 in the top ten and 5 in the top 15. Impressive to say the least so we were the strongest team in the race by looking at the results and the pictures from Antoine Becotte and Vincent Drouin of Velo Gazette whose pictures will be seen below.

L'équipe cycliste Veloselect assisté à la GP cyclisme Mairie de course Contrecoeur qui a marqué le début officiel de la saison de la route dans la province de Québec. Notre équipe a eu 9 coureurs présents et nous étions prêts pour le rock! Les garçons ont été à l'avant à courir et en tirant des pauses pendant la course. Marc Antoine Sabourin malheureusement eu un problème avec son tendon sur sa jambe gauche et a dû DNF. Mais avant cela, il a été impliqué autant que pourrait être une énorme contribution à notre équipe efforts. Donc, il est descendu à un sprint et Shawn Turcotte a terminé 4e et Miguel Lukaszewicz a été suivi par 9 Wil Etherington plaçant dixième et Francis Bertrand 11ème et Laurent Levasseur 14e. Donc 3 dans le top dix et 5 dans le top 15. Impressionnant à tout le moins si nous étions la meilleure équipe dans la course en regardant les résultats et la forme des photos Antoine Becotte et Vincent Drouin  de Velo Gazette qui images verra plus loin.


Véloselect présente son programme de course IGA / DESJARDINS race programme

Consultez http://clubcyclisteveloselect.blogspot.ca/ pour plus d information ou cliquer sur la rubrique ``programme de course IGA/DESJARDINS`` dans les liens a gauche a même se site.

1st podium of 2013/1er Podium de 2013

Wil Etherington 1st podium Clarence-Rockland 2013. Wil Etherington 1er podium Clarence-Rockland 2013. Pic courtesy of Ottawa Velo Vogue

Team Clothing Vetement de Equipe

Our team kit courtesy of  Biemme America.  Notre kit de courtoisie équipe de Biemme Amérique.

ENGLISH Press Release

Ste Martine QC-(February 19 2013)

The 2013 EQUIPE VELOSELECT Cycling Team is pleased to announce that we are entering our 6th year of competition with a strong 9 man junior team for 2013. Were expecting some top performances especially from our 2nd year riders. We're also confident our 1st year riders will surprise the competition this season. We are pleased to be working with the following riders for 2013:

Miguel Lukaszewicz (Ste Martine QC)- Winner of the Tour de Montergie road race Stage #6 2nd overall EKOI Cyclo Cross Series Junior Category 2102;
Fabien Parent (Quebec QC)- 2nd overall Junior Category Quebec Provincial Cyclo Cross Championships 2012 3rd overall EKOI Cyclocross Series Junior category 2012;
Marc Antoine Sabourin (Chambly QC)- 2nd place Scratch race 3rd 200m sprint, 3rd Ominum at the Quebec Track Championships 2012;
Shawn Turcotte (Chateauguay QC)- Winner, final stage #7 Tour de Montergie Criterium.
James Sabourin (Laval QC)- 2nd Stage 3 Cyclistes Mardis Lachine Jean Coutu Race Series.
Wil Etherington (Kingston ON)- brings European experience to the team.
Laurent Levasseur (Levis QC)- is also riding for us this year, and we expect great things
Francis Bertrand (Quebec QC)- a top ten finisher in the Prestigious Tour de Relieve Stage Race in Rimouski Quebec.
Raphel Gagnon (Lac St Jean QC)- who finished top ten 2012 Tour of Abitbi 1st Stage and 2nd Junior Category GP Gatineau RR 2012

The EQUIPE VELOSELECT CYCLING Team is also pleased to welcome the following sponsors as team partners for 2013:

 MAXXIS Tires is the official tire of the EQUIPE VELOSELECT CYCLING TEAM.
 IGA Primeau and Fils is supplying the team with assorted varieties of food for our training camp and is the title sponsor of the IGA GP Ste Martine.
PRUD'HOMME INC for helping with our race and for supporting the team from the beginning. CYTOSPORT provides high performance sports products like Cytomax and Muscle Milk -- the official Sports Drink of the EQUIPE VELOSELECT CYCLING TEAM.
SHIMANO CANADA supply our high quality race-winning cycling components.
PROLOGUE bikes supply our fabulous official bikes and RHUS Wheels will keep us rolling in the 2013 season.
NORTH WAVE SHOES is our official shoe.
ACECO Sport Group supplies us with K-EDGE Catchers for both the Road and Cyclocross Season;
RUDY PROJECT USA will provide our Team with top of the line Sterling Helmets and Ekynox and Racing Rydon Sunglasses.
SOLE Footwear are giving us technical support and performance orthotics.

KOOL'N FIT SPORT keep the teams legs competitive and fast.
BIEMME North America supplies our awesome clothing.
CREAM HILL Estates supply the Gluten Free Oatmeal that fuels our athletes.

The Team is coached run by Czeslaw Lukaszewicz, 2000 Olympian and four time Canadian Champion, and Lyall Beattie. 
Please like us on facebook at CLUB CYCLISTE VELOSELECT and you can visit our blog with links to all the sponsors mentioned above at http://veloselect.blogspot.com

Sponsorship opportunities are still available for 2014 if  interested please contact us at veloselectcycling@rogers.com

Have a great season.

See you at the races in 2013!!


EQUIPE VELO SELECT Cycling Team is pleased to announce our partnership with CYTOMAX SPORTS PERFOMANCE AND CYTOSPORT for the 2013 season. Club Cycliste VELO SELECT le plaisir d'annoncer notre partenariat avec CYTOMAX HAUT PERFORMANCE ET CYTOSPORT pour la saison 2013.


EQUIPE VELOSELECT Cycling Team is pleased to announce our partnership with K-EDGE AND ACECO SPORT GROUP for the 2013 season. Club Cycliste VELOSELECT le plaisir d'annoncer notre partenariat avec K-EDGE ET ACECO SPORT GROUP pour la saison 2013.


EQUIPE VELOSELECT Cycling Team is pleased to announce our partnership with SHIMANO CANADA LTD for the 2013 season. Club Cycliste VELOSELECT le plaisir d'annoncer notre partenariat avec SHIMANO CANADA LTD pour la saison 2013.

MAXXIS INTERNATIONAL returns for a Second Year Partnership with Veloselect

EQUIPE VELOSELECT CYCLING TEAM is pleased to announce our partnership with MAXXIS INTERNATIONAL for the 2013 season. Club Cycliste VELOSELECT le plaisir d'annoncer notre partenariat avec MAXXIS INTERNATIONAL pour la saison 2013.