Epic Picture of Greg Boileau Rocking the Corsino Sport Cycling Kit

VeloSelect-Silber rider Greg Boileau rocking our Cycling Kit from CorsinoSport looking brand new!!! Salt stained but it looks fresh!!!!! Thanks to our Sponsors: Corsino Sport, Pocsports, DAI Inc, Schwalbe North America #FOLLOWTHERED #KEEPFIGHTING  

Greg Boileau Wins OCA Indoor Series #5



Photo Credit @ArcEvent Management and OCA.
                                                 OCA Indoor Road Race Series #5
                                 Presented by ARC Event Management May 30th, 2020
                          Jungle Circuit Reverse, Watopia Elite 1/2 Men & Master 1 Men
                                 Results - 5 Laps - 45.8 KM - Average Speed 41.33 km/h

                           Place      Name                 Team                 Cat          Time Gap

                           1 BOILEAU, Greg Veloselect Silber Elite 1/2 Men 1:06:29 1
                           2 BIRD, Bruce Wheels of Bloor Elite 1/2 Men 1:06:29 s.t. 2
                           3 WHITE, Conor Hamilton United Elite 1/2 Men 1:06:29 s.t.

Winner Winner Chicken dinner!!! Veloselect-Silber rider Greg Boileau wins OCA IRRS Series #5  Jungle Reverse Course. Thanks to our sponsors.#FOLLOWTHERED #KEEPFIGHTING

VeloSelect Rider Matthew Owens placed second at the OCA Zwift Series Race#4

                                                    OCA Indoor Road Race
                                                           Series #4
                                             Presented by ARC Event Management
                                                        May 23rd, 2020
                                                 Sand & Sequoias, Watopia
                Elite 1/2 Men Results - 4 Laps - 80.8 KM - Average Speed 46.83 km/h
                                          Place  Name  Team  Cat   Time  Gap
                       1 JOHNSON, Kaj CCF Racing Elite 1/2 Men 1:43:31
                       2 OWENS, Matthew Veloselect Silber Elite 1/2 Men 1:51:09 07:38
                       3 RISSER, Laurent Bateman's Bike Co p/b Cloud 9 AV Elite 1/2 Men 1:53:54 10:23
                                        #FOLLOWTHERED #KEEPFIGHTING     

VeloSelect-Silber Rider Greg Boileau wins Onatrio Cup RR #3 on Zwift

                                           OCA Indoor Road Race Series #3
                        Presented by ARC Event Management May 16th, 2020
                                    Greater London Loop, London, UK (Zwift)
     Elite 1/2 Men & Master 1 Men Results - 3 Laps - 63.63 KM - Average Speed 44.41 km/h

                      Place         Name                Team                Cat     Time Gap

                      1 BOILEAU, Greg Veloselect-Silber Elite 1/2 Men 1:25:57
                      2 DOWD, Oliver Dropouts Elite 1/2 Men 1:25:57 s.t.
                      3 BIRD, Bruce Wheels Of Bloor Elite 1/2 Men 1:25:57 s.t

VeloSelect-Silber Rider Greg Boileau won the OCA Indoor RR Series Race #3 on Zwift.  
                              #FOLLOWTHERED #KEEPFIGHTING

Veloselect-Silber Rider Greg Boileau places 2nd at Innsbruck Race on Zwift

VeloSelect-Silber Rider Greg Boileau placed 2nd on Thursday May 7 2020 in a race on Zwift which was on the 3R Innsbruck Ring. The field  was mixed with Canadians, Americans, and Europeans!!   Congrats to Greg!!!

VeloSelect-Silber Rider Greg Boileau places 2nd behind World Tour Rider EF Lawson Craddock on the Zwift series Driveway Series p/b the Metor Austin

VelosSelect-Silber Rider Greg Boileau placed 2nd on the Driveway Series p/b the Metor Austin to EF ProCycling Rider Lawson Craddock in a race on Thursday March  26 2020. Congrats to Greg!!! #FOLLOWTHERED #KEEPFIGHTING #drivewaylife 


Pictures from UCI Gran Fondo Casblanca Sunday February 23, 2020

VeloSelect-Silber rider Czeslaw Lukaszewicz winning the UCI Casablanca Gran Fondo Road Race which was 116km  and also another Canadian Thomas Franz was tenth!! Impressive for his first ever race!!  Thanks to Schwalbe Tires for propelling Czeslaw in the sprint to victory in his category!! #FOLLOWTHERED #KEEPFIGHTING

VELOSELECT-SILBER Rider Czeslaw Lukaszewicz winning the UCI GRAN FONDO World Series in Casablanca Morocco on Sunday February 23 2020. He was racing the long course of 116km in length and is presented the world series Jersey. #FOLLOWTHERED #KEEPFIGHTING Schwalbe tires

Veloselect-Silber Elite Cycling Team 2020

We are excited to announce that the VeloSelect-Silber Elite Cycling Team for 2020 with new sponsors and new riders. Also we are proud to have our clothing made by Corsino Sport, POCSports, Dai Inc, Schwalbe tires, supporting the team this season. The team will focus on creating opportunities for younger and older riders to progress who are based in Quebec, Canada, and from other parts of the world. #FOLLOWTHERED #KEEPFIGHTING

Nous sommes contents de vous annoncer que l'Equipe Velo Select-Silber a des nouveaux commanditaires et des nouveaux Cyclistes pour 2020, et aussi nous sommes fieres que nos vetements seront fait par Corsino Sport, et aussi POCSports Dai Inc Schwalbe tires , qui vont nous supporter toute la saison. L'Equipe sera sa priorities de creer des opportunites pour des jeunes et plus avances, du Quebec, Canada et d'autres pays #FOLLOWTHERED #KEEPFIGHTING

VeloSelect Trinidad Elite Racing Team Competitive and wins 5 Categories and the Overall at the Santi Spirtus Road Race

Our VeloSelect-Trindad Racing Team has been competitive and successful at the same time. We raced in Santi Spirtus and  won 5 categories and the overall. We have been helping the Cubans to become the number one Elite Team in Cuba by providing them clothing (racing apparel) and many other resources  necessary to be competitive all over Cuba. We are excited that our two U23's that are in the first year elite  who are 19 are racing in the Tour of Cuba (Veulta de Cuba) that is 11 stages in length approx 800kms starting from Guantanamo Bay and finishing in Havana .  In this photo montage we show the riders bonding over dinner before the race in Santi Spiritus on Saturday January 25,2020  and then the end result the overall winners and certificates showing the winners with their categories in hand.